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As you may have noticed things have changed but for all the right reasons. We have redesigned our site to be more client centric, after all, our entire platform is “To make the world a little more hUman through Technology.

Whats changed?

Our Logo: 

Our logo has been changed to meet the expectations we have set for ourselves. We wanted simplicity, creativity and a major focus. What better focus point than a three sided crystal symbolizing our three core values of Creativity, Passion & Innovation.

Our Name:

We realized that typing “usanthropos” (Which is an amalgamation of our location, US and the Greek word for human “Anthropos”) was a bit hard to get use to.
We have shortened the name to “U3 APPS” (pronounced: u – three apps ).
Our company is still registered with the State of Florida and SunBiz as Usanthropos Programming Technology and Service L.L.C. Our name now includes our 3 core values and the name suggests what we do, and that’s build quality applications. We feel that this message was missed in our prior logo design.

Our URL: 

To align with our name, our URL has changed to

Our Old URL:

In 2009 we purchased this URL for Life!, great foresight into the growth of our business however, as you may know things change. Not to worry, you may still access our site from or the new .

Our Email:

Email has now changed:

New Customers:

Existing Clients: When you email our old server, you will receive an automated message directing you to email our new address. Our developer should have reached out to you by now with the new email address.

Whats New? 

Sleek Redesign: We chose modern layouts and colors illustrating our expertise and further explaining our vision.

Client Portal: To keep you up to date on the status of your project, You may now access the client portal. In that portal you can view active iterations, make payments, contact us directly through chat and see what new things we have created.

Higher Security: Integrity is paramount at U3apps, we wanted to ensure that your transactions and data are supremely secure. So we’ve switched to a faster, more secure server platform and there are no third parties to contact with advanced technical issues. As a technology company, we have the pleasure of now handling 100% of our own resources.

Simplicity: You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to sign and send documents, collaborate and most of all understand the lingo on our page. We use basic terminology and simple designs so that your organization may make an appropriate decision on growing your business.


We hope you like what he have Created
From your U3apps Team



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