PathNote Team

We are moving right along with the development of the application. Through the holidays we have sustained steady progress on the following points:

  1. Purchase and provision of a testing device – iPhone XR
  2. Measure application framework integration to PathNote
  3. Database Architecture Management
  4. Further design and over 50 custom functions
  5. 22 PathNote specific icons from settings buttons, Menu Buttons, Capture buttons and annotation function buttons.
  6. Profile view functionality for each individual user

Whats Next

  1. Write all menu button functions
  2. Further develop Measure functuionality
  3. Write settings button functions
  4. Write permissions for each user
  5. Fix any operating bugs that may cause the application to quit unexpectedly.
  6. Complete all development loose ends

Ive added an additional progress bars to your portal to allot for testing. The project was started September 22nd 2018 with a reported completion time of 87 billable hours which makes us still on track for completion in January. After January and completion of the application, on-site testing will need to take place. Arrangements will be made to oversee the use of the application in New Zealand so that diagnostics can be taken as well as live fixes should the application have running time errors. Final Master and release notes will be processed after adequate live testing has concluded.

Thats all for now : -)

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