Privacy Policy

Who Are You

We are UsAnthropos Programming Technology & Service L.L.C. We provide Comprehensive Technology consulting services both in person and online.

Do you sell my data?

In short, Absolutely not. All Data is secured and kept offline. We don't look at your data unless you ask us to. Selling your data has no value to us and goes against our ethics policy.

Who has access

Only the Admin has rights to our internal site. We are encrypted and fully secure.

Would you email me

Only when requested and during your service. We will also email if there are any updates affecting your product.

Do you collect Data

Yes, We collect data provided by you, but we do not keep this data unless you have an active contract with us.

Will you ask for money

Again, Absolutely not. We like to make money but we will never email you asking to forward information or correct billing! Don't fall for Phishing. Check out our News Page for more info about being safe online.

Creating your vision ethically

We strive to be ethical in all communications and use our resources to protect your  intellectual property. We will never breach our contract with you in favor of information, money, or other interests. You can trust our judgement and expertise. Click the link below to learn more about what we can do for you.