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  • Almost a Wrap

    Progress on the PathNote application has had continuous upward momentum. Over the winter holidays PathNote has seen advancements in mostly background coding and provisioning. The operation of the application is contingent on several variables such device local memory and the development of libraries within the device to store information since there will be no online […]

  • EOY | PathNote Update

    PathNote Team We are moving right along with the development of the application. Through the holidays we have sustained steady progress on the following points: Purchase and provision of a testing device – iPhone XR Measure application framework integration to PathNote Database Architecture Management Further design and over 50 custom functions 22 PathNote specific icons […]

  • U3apps

          Usanthropos Programming, Technology & Service   As you may have noticed things have changed but for all the right reasons. We have redesigned our site to be more client centric, after all, our entire platform is “To make the world a little more hUman through Technology. Whats changed? Our Logo:  Our logo […]