Progress on the PathNote application has had continuous upward momentum. Over the winter holidays PathNote has seen advancements in mostly background coding and provisioning. The operation of the application is contingent on several variables such device local memory and the development of libraries within the device to store information since there will be no online database. The design of the application has been solidified, provisioning completed and registration accepted by the app store. It is truly an exciting time for the PathNote team and U3apps collectively.

Whats Left to do

๏ Error Checking functions
๏ Development of parameters for testing๏ Write storyboard

  • –  Settings
  • –  Menu
  • –  Close action
  • –  Image capture๏ Coding
  • –  Storage parameters
  • –  Information parsing
  • –  Information indexing
  • –  Backup procedures
  • –  Import procedures
  • –  export procedures๏ Comprehensive testing
    ๏ Development of Launch Media๏ Live field testing
    ๏ Release

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